The Tree

20.00 USD

Bilingual picture book featuring the original story of “El Árbol o Recuento de una Vida Inanimada”, where a peach tree narrates its experiences as it grows from seed to tree. While it watches the human and animal life around him, it takes the reader through an experience of cycle of life. Written in English and Spanish. Values contained in the narrative: care for nature, forgiveness, reconciliation, cycles of life, love.

  • Product: Picture book

  • 48 pages

  • 22 single page illustrations that feature a non-green color palette, created by Sad Polka

  • Written in American English and Latin American Spanish by C.V. Monterrubio, displayed side by side

  • Format: Hard cover

  • Paper: White Shiny Couché, sustainable FSC

  • Size: 28 cm x 21 cm (11 in x 8.26 in)

  • ISBN: 978-607-29-0221-3

  • Reading age: 9 y/o & older

  • Publishing date: 2016

  • Average reading time at 100 wpm: 20 min

  • Printed in Mexico

This story helped me in the conversation with my children about their grandfather’s passing.

46 y/o father

I loved it but I don’t want to read it again, it’s too sad.

28 y/o sensitive friend

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