About us

BBU Publishing became in 2021 the editorial arm of Book Bank USA (BBU), a non-profit organization from San Francisco California, that since its creation in 1966 works to establish and replenish schools, public libraries and community centers in the US, Mexico and in other developing countries.

BookBank USA logo evolution
young person reading bilingual book
Three books

          Half a century after its creation (in 2016) BBU published its first bilingual picture book, setting the cornerstone for this new small print.

          After three successful bilingual picture books for kids, it was evident that the book publisher needed to be separated from the non-profit, and that was how Book Bank USA Publishing, or BBU Publishing, was born.

          BBU Publishing focuses on the creation of bilingual picture books for kids to fulfill a growing demand of these language educational tools in California, Texas, New York, and Illinois in the USA, as well as some northern border and central states of Mexico. For families in these communities where both languages are used, bilingual picture books are very helpful to learn English and Spanish.