Do whales poop?

18.00 USD

This bilingual picture book provides an incredible answer to a seemingly simple question. Based on recent research by different marine biologists and full of natural science, it explains the importance of whale poop in the life cycle of all ocean beings and even terrestrial ones, with the mission of contributing to co-create a healthier and more balanced environment for all living beings on planet Earth. Illustrations were created and printed with spot colors that are friendly to color-blind vision (protanopia or deuteranopia). Written in English and Spanish. Values contained on the narrative: care for nature, respect for life, complete bibliography of consulted research.

  • Product: Picture book

  • 16 pages

  • 6 double-page illustrations that feature a color palette that’s visible “as-is” for color-blind eyesight (black, two blues, one yellow) created by Alina Galo

  • Written in American English and Latin American Spanish by C.V. Monterrubio, displayed side by side, based on real scientific research

  • Format: Hard cover

  • Paper: White Shiny Couché, sustainable FSC

  • Size: 22.5 cm x 16.5 cm (8.8 in x 6.5 in)

  • ISBN: 978-607-29-2083-5

  • Reading age: 5 y/o & older

  • Publishing date 2020

  • Average reading time at 100 wpm: 7 min

  • Printed in Mexico

“The book also helped my child with potty-training.”

40 y/o mother

“My daughters were laughing every time I read the word “poop”, and now they love whales.

34 y/o mother

Since we read the book together, my grandson’s favorite animal is a whale.”

60 y/o grandma

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